Truck Driver Negligence

Truck Driver Negligence Attorneys

When a truck driver engages in behavior or acts in a manner that puts the safety of other motorists at risk, there can be serious consequences. Thousands of innocent victims have lost their lives as a result of truck driver negligence and many more have suffered a serious injury because of a truck driver’s wrongdoing. At the Estey Bomberger law firm, our California truck driver negligence attorneys understand the pain, suffering and devastation a serious injury or wrongful death can have on the lives of victims and surviving family members. Taking legal action can bring justice to the situation and may offer financial help for the many expenses incurred because of the accident, injury or death. Our California truck accident attorneys are willing and ready to help. Contact our firm today.

California Truck Driver Negligence

Driving Distracted
Driving distracted is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. One or more of the following distractions can easily take a truck drivers attention away from the road:
• Eating
• Smoking
• Finishing reports while driving
• Talking on cell phone
• Texting or emailing on cell phone
• Talking on the CB radio.
Substance Abuse
Substance abuse is, unfortunately, a factor in many California truck accident cases. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a senseless act that can cause the deaths and injuries of many. A truck driver found to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident may be civilly and criminally prosecuted.

Inaccurate Reporting
Driver fatigue is a serious problem within the trucking industry and has been a major contributing factor in many fatal truck accidents. Truck drivers must keep a log detailing the hours they have worked and the hours they have slept. Quite often, truck drivers falsify information to prevent getting in trouble for violating regulations that require them to sleep after so many hours of driving. Any falsification of a logbook by a truck driver can be seen as a negligent or careless act.

Speeding in a 4,000 pound car is dangerous enough, but when a truck driver speeds in an 80,000 pound vehicle, a truck accident can quickly happen. Truckers must be careful to not speed in bad weather conditions. Also, it is against trucking regulations for truckers to speed because they must meet a tight deadline.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation for Serious Injuries

If you have suffered a head injury, brain injury, bone fracture injury, limb loss injury, concussion injury, internal organ injury, herniated disc injury, burn injury or sprain injury, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the negligent truck driver or trucking company (typically, the trucking company is responsible for the actions of their employees). The California truck driver negligence attorneys have recovered more than $100 million dollars in settlements and verdicts for injured victims. We have obtained monetary compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation services, lost earnings, anticipated lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Free Consultations – We Come To You

The law firm provides free consultations for victims of California truck driver negligence accidents wherever it is most convenient. Our California truck driver negligence lawyers will come to your home, office, or hospital to discuss your legal options and rights, and answer any questions you have in regards to your accident or injury. You can reach our staff at any time of the day for a confidential consultation. As always, if we represent you in your claim, we will not charge any fees unless and until we recover compensation for you.